The Holy Virgin Watched Over Me

When I was a little child, I had a strong attraction for religion and for all that had to do with the spiritual life of the human being. But unfortunately, I never had somebody to show me the way to the truth and to give me the chance to know my Catholic Faith better. And so, I began to follow another sect: the Jehovah Witness. They used to come to my house to talk to me about God according to their belief and I, yearning for God, allowed myself to get involved with them until I, too, became a Testimony of Jehovah. I followed them, not knowing that I had a Heavenly Mother watching over me.

As time went on, though, I realized that the reality which I had become part of, was very different from that which it apparently seemed; there was something not right. As I went deeper into their teachings, I began to ask myself something to which I did not have the answer: “Is it possible that in the spiritual life I only have a Father and not also a Mother?” In other words, I began to feel the desire to discover the maternal presence of Our Lady! I remember that She had been in my life, that I had had Her, and loved Her in the Catholic Faith…and here began my conversion.

It was She Herself Who opened up to me the path that led to Her: I had an uncle who was an invalid and to whom a Franciscan Sister of the Immaculate brought Holy Communion. I was struck at once by her simplicity and joy, and it was on these occasions that I came to know Our Lady. That sister helped me to find the answer to my question: yes, we have a Father, God, in our spiritual life, and we have a Mother as well. I asked advice from that sister and she invited me to come to the convent. I started to go often to the sisters’ convent, and especially to their library. Being a bookworm and being fond of reading I started to literally “empty” their library and to discover and make the fundamental principles and marvelous mysteries of the Catholic Faith my own.

The sisters then helped me to discover the beauty of prayer and especially the Holy Rosary, which quickly became my favorite prayer. I also began to go to Holy Mass everyday. My conversion began to make me go deeper: I was searching for something more. It wasn’t enough for me to be a good, simple Christian- I wanted to follow Jesus more closely. One day, I confided my soul’s aspiration to the sister I had known. She sweetly advised me to be prudent and to reflect on my decision. I listened to her advice but I did not cease to visit the sisters more often and with more joy. My desire was to be with them, and I continued to nurture myself spiritually with the Holy Mass and the Holy Rosary.

I decided to speak with a priest who assured me of my religious vocation. Shortly after, I entered the convent. Now, I, too, am consecrated to the Lord. Looking back, I cannot believe the beautiful way in which my dear Heavenly Mother guided me to this point, to be Her daughter, and to repay Her love- at least in part- with the gift of my life.

It is only Her, our loving Mother, Who draws to Herself Her children, who humbly try to love Jesus, in Her and through Her!